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Since the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic CMF has adapted to our new circumstances as best we can and continued to support our musicians. New ways to present music online and engage new audiences has been a big part of this and being able to curate new live-streamed performances has been crucially important, not just financially but for self esteem and the well-being of our artists and audiences. Please donate to support our artists now and in the future.

In addition we have set up a Hardship Fund, run weekly workshops and seminars on ZOOM with external speakers, continued building websites for our artists, commissioned new music, and secured future performances and recordings for this autumn and into 2021.

Managing Director of CMF Dr Clare Taylor says:

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, and resulting lockdown internationally, has been catastrophic for everyone whose life and employment is in the arts. Our artists, like so many others, have had no audiences, no gigs and no income for nearly three months now, but with the situation likely to continue for at least three more, and maybe even longer. The effects of this are completely devastating, not just financially but for the future of the arts. Music, especially live music, is a cognitive, spiritual and social necessity, not a luxury.

CMF Artists are among the most exceptional and accomplished performers of their generation, many having emerged from the British conservatoires with the highest possible accolades. We support and guide them at this time when ‘the business of music’ can be a challenge, and offer a comprehensive career development programme and management.

To find out more about the many ways you can make a genuine difference and enhance the career prospects of talented musicians please contact Dr Clare Taylor, Managing Director 020 76007600 /

“CMF sets itself apart by offering lasting skills that will benefit musicians for a whole career.” - Gildas Quartet


Why Support City Music Foundation?

We need music.

Music is a fundamental, essential part of human culture everywhere in the world. Sharing an experience of music allows communication where all other languages fail – whether between individuals or entire nations. Scientific studies demonstrate music’s importance for early brain development and co-ordination, and later for lateral thinking, social skills, learning and memory, concentration and much more. Music is a cognitive, spiritual and social necessity – not a luxury.

We are investing in the future.

Our musicians are among the most accomplished of their generation – with many awards, prizes and competition successes. CMF’s support at this critical time allows them to build on this, gain recognition and secure their careers. In the future they will touch the lives of many, many people – through live performances, recordings, streaming, broadcasts, teaching and mentoring. In just the same way that training talented doctors benefits us for decades to come, so the contribution of CMF artists to society will, over time, be immeasurable. CMF Artists will give back a thousand fold what CMF – and you – give them.

Your donation.

In recent years only 5-7% of our income has been spent on fundraising, so the money you give is used efficiently for delivering the CMF Artists Programme. The life-changing, innovative support we offer young professional musicians remains unrivalled, while the demand for what we do increases every year. You will have seen the quotations from CMF Artists in this booklet – just a few examples of the feedback we have received.

"The conservatoire taught me to make music - CMF is teaching me to make a living." - Andrey Lebedev, Guitar


Our Supporters

City Music Foundation is 'the City's music charity', which was set up in 2012 with the mission to turn exceptional musical talent into professional success, by equipping outstanding musicians with the tools, skills, experience and networks they need to build and sustain rewarding and profitable careers. Each year (the first being 2013) we select between six and ten artists, both soloists and ensembles, with exceptional talent and accomplishment who are on the cusp of an international career. With our guidance and support CMF Artists undertake a tailored, two-year music industry apprenticeship which encompasses - the CMF Artist Programme. Our thanks go to the following Companies, Trusts, Foundations and other Charities for their past and continuing support.



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