Lunchtime Community Concert Series – Anna Cavaliero & William Cole

  • 15th January 2020

  • The Hospital Church of St Bartholomew's the Less

Anna Cavaliero, soprano, performs baroque works including music by Handel and Strozzi with William Cole, harpsichord, in the first of our 2020 concerts.

Monteverdi – ‘Deh, nasconditi, o Virtù’ from L’incoronazione di Poppea
Handel – La Lucrezia
Barbara Strozzi – ‘L’eraclito amoroso’
Monteverdi – ‘Signor, quel’infelice’ from L’Orfeo
Handel – ‘E pur così in un giorno … Piangerò la sorte mia’ from Giulio Cesare
Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre – ‘Lorsque l’amour nous en chaisne’ from Semele
Handel – ‘O thou bright sun … With darkness deep as is my woe’ and ‘But why art thou disquieted … O that I on wings could rise’ from Theodora
Handel – ‘L’amor ed il destin’ from Partenope

Instagram - Audience Member

'What a treat when you have a church in your hospital to have a lunchtime recital, beautiful!'