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CMF Artist and pianist Dinara Klinton was live on Classic FM’s Facebook page. An innovative and relatively new Facebook platform, Facebook Live allows you to live stream anything you like.

The video was taken as she rehearsed for her concert later that evening and has received over 24,000 views!

During the video you can see Dinara play some, as Classic FM noted, ‘epic’ Scriabin as well as some Chopin. Dinara is really making a name for herself, only recently coming 3rd in the prestigious Cleveland International Piano Competition with her stunning  performance, perfectly described by Cleveland below:

“The pianist ended the concerto by capturing the fire Tchaikovsky prescribed in his tempo marking, demonstrating a wealth of virtuosity without trying to burn the house down”
You can read the full article here.

Dinara has an exciting few months ahead, with concerts around the world from Florence and Milan, Berlin and Frankfurt as well as numerous London dates, you can see more at her website

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Now sit back and enjoy the video below.


The Oxford Lieder Festival is an annual festival presenting more than 35 concerts and dozens of other events celebrating the unique art form of song. It is a leading festival and the biggest of its kind in the UK attracting many of the world’s greatest artists.

A big part of the festival, Oxford Lieder has a long history of supporting young professional artists, showcasing their talent throughout the festival and this year is no different.

City Music Foundation are presenting 3 CMF Artists who will perform throughout the festival.

originalPianist Samson Tsoy kicks off the Festival with 5 other pianists including the Festival’s creator Sholto Kyncoh along with a speaker Professor Nicholas Marston and Tenor Stuart Jackson with A Carnival of Pianos, on 14th October at 2pm. 6 pianists will perform some of Schumann’s early works with a half an hour in between to get to the next venue, it will be an exciting travel through Schumann’s music and Oxford!



We also haquartet1ve the pleasure of presenting soprano Raphaela Papadakis and string quartet, the Gildas Quartet. They will be performing together twice on 20th October playing Brahms and Schumann at 11.30am and Mendelssohn at 3.45pm.



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