Why support CMF

City Music Foundation – why support it?


We care about music.

It is part of human language, history and culture. It allows human communication across all other barriers.

It brings incredible benefits to individuals, improving brain function, co-ordination, lateral thinking, social skills, sense of self-worth, discipline, concentration.

It is beautiful and live classical music could be lost in this digital, materialistic world.


The CMF artist programme is an apprenticeship.

We are the only musical institution offering one to one business mentoring and a range of life skills workshops tailored for musicians, delivered over a 2 year period alongside multiple performance opportunities and development of personalised promotional tools.

We provide day to day support and advice for soloists and small groups who no longer have the safety net of being at a conservatoire. This allows time, learning and experience to help them to be able to earn a living from live performance.

We link our musicians to an extensive network of professionals in all parts of the music industry.


We believe in excellence.

Our musicians are among the most talented of their generation, with many medals and prizes already.

We must support them to be able to continue, by equipping them with the additional skills they need to secure their future as musicians, and the future of the highest quality live music in the UK and beyond.

The City Music Foundation

turning talent into success

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