CMF Business Mentoring Programme

Set up through a collaboration with BNY Mellon, CMF’s innovative business mentoring scheme is central to the support we offer all CMF Artists. CMF is unique in this – no other musical award or institution offers the educational and apprenticeship programme that the CMF has developed.

We use an innovative cross disciplinary approach to substantially increase the chances of young, highly talented musicians – classical, jazz and folk – being able to continue their careers as professional performers of live music.

CMF selects highly talented, award winning musicians early in their professional careers who have already invested enormous amounts time, energy, passion – and other people’s goodwill (and money) – into getting where they are. The level of ability and expertise these musicians have achieved by the time they leave their formal musical education establishment to embark on a performing career far outstrips that seen in most other walks of life at that young age.

Statistics from music conservatoires suggest that the number of graduates earning a living from performance is low: despite the investment, the talent and the passion, many of these fantastic young professionals fail to ‘make it’ and end up pursuing other jobs in other fields.

We pair our CMF Artists (soloists or ensembles) with senior business people – mainly City based financial services and legal professionals – as personal mentors. This is designed to complement the CMF series of tailored professional development workshops and seminars.

Business mentors are able to provide a valuable external perspective and help the musicians to approach their careers more strategically. Topics frequently addresses include setting aims and objectives, organisational skills, managing finances, negotiating fees, contracts, presentation and communication skills, networking, and dealing with stress.

Every musician needs to understand that to be successful as a soloist or in an ensemble requires them to function effectively as a self-sufficient business. The CMF Business Mentoring Scheme provides the tools and insights needed for that.

We are getting amazing feedback from some of the first intake of CMF artists (2013) and know we are making a measurable difference. This is already being noticed by others in the music industry and in postgraduate music education, and CMF is being seen as a crucial and integral part of the cultural life and offer of the City.

For more information on the business mentor programme please contact Clare Taylor, Managing Director: / 0330 313 0890.

Our thanks to BNY Mellon for its invaluable support in setting up this programme.

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