Founder’s Circle

A letter from the founding chairman


Dear Friends,

Since it was founded in 2012 the City Music Foundation has been consolidating its position as a pioneer of in-work training for professional musicians in the early stages of their careers.

CMF has been the first musical organisation to conceive and offer a package of professional development workshops in ‘the business of music’.   It has also been innovative in developing a scheme for one-to-one business mentoring using senior business people from the financial services sector in the City as personal mentors for CMF Artists. Alongside this CMF supports the artists through recording and filming processes, website design and pitching for and curating their own performances and shows, so that artists experience what amounts to a music industry apprenticeship while on the CMF programme. This has already translated into secure income and increased high quality professional work for CMF soloists and ensembles – the taking off of a real career.

As CMF’s reputation grows the number of outstanding applicants each year has increased too. In order to continue to offer this level of support, and to be able to consider expanding the number of people whom we can help in this way, CMF needs your support.

Please help by joining the Founder’s Circle, through which you can share the City Music Foundation’s mission of turning talent into success. Details can be found here.

Thank you.
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Sir Roger Gifford

Founding Chairman

City Music Foundation